Peyton Price: The First Battle 


Peyton Price lives a somewhat easy life, until one day… everything changes. Her life gets turned upside down in a matter of seconds. When she starts having weird dreams after her accident, she assumes shes going crazy. But, is she? When her nurse kidnaps her, and takes her to a secret agency, she begins to understand. She will have to fight her way through monsters and something even scarier too. Much scarier.


My first novel, Peyton Price: The First Battle, will be coming out (hopefully) Summer 2017. It’s the first in a series.


This book is mainly for ages 12 and up. There is no bad language. No sexual content. The monster descriptions can be a little scary, but it’s not meant to be a dark book overall.


Once this book is available to buy, I will put the link up here.


Check out my post WIP: Joy – Peyton Price: The First Battle for more information about my book.