Maze Runner – Book 1 Review

When I started reading Maze Runner, I was a busy little kumquat and couldn’t find time to actually read the book. I just left it on my bookshelf and stared at it occasionally. The main reason I was busy was because I had so much reading for school. The required reading left ABSOLUTELY NO TIME for fun reading. I caught up in school recently (I’m home schooled, so yes, I fall behind on occasion), and I finally read this masterpiece of a book.

Let me tell you, this book is one of my new favorites. I’m punching myself for not finishing it sooner. For some reason, when I started the book, I wasn’t too interested. But around chapter 18 (I think??) I stared to fall in love with this book. Things started to somewhat make sense. I mean, more sense than things had in the beginning. Which isn’t saying much, considering the fact that the main character was literally clueless when the book started.


My friend told me to read Maze Runner a few month ago. Of course I had heard of it, but I had never thought of reading it (I’m seriously an idiot). He suggested the series when I asked if he had any new books for me to read. At first, I was really excited about it, and bought the book a few days later. But then, school got in the way (as it always does) and I wasn’t able to read. Then I became less and less interested in the book. Until one Saturday, when I was going on a long car ride, and needed something to do. I grabbed Maze Runner off my shelf in a hurry, and started to read it in the car. I got through about half the book that day. When my dad pulled up to our destination, I seriously wanted to stay in the car and read more just because IT’S THAT GOOD.

James Dashner, the author, is a great writer. He does a wonderful job describing the characters confusion, if that makes any sense. I normally love first person books the best (except for Harry Potter… that is my favorite and it happens to be third person). Even though Maze Runner isn’t first person, I still love it.

Who’s my favorite character, you ask? NEWT. He is an amazing character. I think Dashner did a great job putting him together as a character. (By the way, I only just started reading the second book, so please NO spoilers!) Anyway, Newt is awesome because he’s BRITISH, and he has a limp, which makes him even more special. Also, it makes me want to protect him, even though he is perfectly capable of taking care of himself.


I think Dashner came up with a pretty cool concept. A maze. Grievers (although I still don’t know why they are called Grievers… anyone know why? I would love to know). The Changing. Newbies. The Box. Mind reading. There are so many cool concepts about this book.

Is it appropriate for young teens? Yes, it mostly is. Although, Newt is British and uses some British profanity, such as “bl***y”. (Fun fact: I actually did not know that bl***y was a bad word in England until about a week ago). Also, the boys use words such as “shank” and “klunk”. The word “klunk” means poop. Their description is “Well, it sounds like ‘klunk’ when it falls in the toilet'”. That is so incredibly disgusting, right?! Other than those few things, it’s totally appropriate. Also, it is very violent, so keep that in mind.

This book ends on somewhat of a cliffhanger, so be ready with the next book as soon as you finish. I had to wait TWO WHOLE WEEKS until I was able to go to Barnes and Noble to get the next book. It was two whole weeks of AGONY. Although, I had a wonderful surprise when I went to buy the second book. I had a gift card in my wallet from a while ago, and I figured it only had about one dollar left on it. BUT TO MY SURPRISE, it had $20!!!!! It paid for my book AND THERE IS STILL 10 BUCKS LEFT ON IT!!! (That’s every book lovers dream right there).

Overall, I award this book with….. *drum roll*….. 5 STARS!!!! It is such a good book, and if you haven’t read it already, I TOTALLY recommend it! And I LOVE ALL CAPS!


Have you read Maze Runner? What are your thoughts on the book? (ONLY thoughts on the 1st book please, I still haven’t read the others yet). Comment down below and we can chat! Have a blessed day!! AND DON’T FORGET THE CAPS-LOCK BUTTON!!! AHHHH!!


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  1. Great post, Harley! I love how you talked about your experience with the book, not just what it was about. I loved Newt too! I TOLD you he was British! 😉 Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the second book!

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