Top Songs of February-March 2017

Hello! Who LOVES music as much as me? Probably no one. I love music, and I’ve pretty much devoted my life to it (and writing, of course). I play music all the time. I take piano and vocal lessons. I lead worship for our youth group sometimes. I sing all the time. Some of my friends tell me they don’t sing because “it’s not fun”. But I really don’t understand that. I mean, it’s just so ridiculously fun to me. When I’m not playing music, I’m listening to it. Here are some of my favorite songs:


1. Photograph by Ed Sheeran. I love this song so much. Ed Sheeran is one of my favorite singers. I think his voice is super cool, and his guitar skills are amazing. I think the song is well written. The lyrics are truly beautiful.

2. Neon by John Mayer. I love this song! The guitar is SO COOL. John Mayer has an awesome voice, and this song is especially amazing. And believe me, IT WILL GET STUCK IN YOUR HEAD, so listen with caution.

3. Great Are You Lord by All Sons & Daughters. This song is so pretty, and the lyrics are amazing. I love singing this, and like the last song, YOU JUST WON’T BE ABLE TO STOP SINGING IT.

4. Like I’m Gonna Lose You by Meghan Trainor. I love Meghan Trainor’s voice. It’s just different. This is one of her slower and calmer songs, and it’s wonderful. Like almost all the songs I’ve mentioned, it will get stuck in your head.

5. Almighty by Mike Clark Band. This is not a really popular song. One of my good friends recently showed it to me, and I really like it. The lyrics are great, and the singers voice is really good. It’s a really pretty song to sing.

6. Scars To Your Beautiful by Alessia Cara. This song has a really good message. It talks about how you should know how beautiful you are. And how you don’t need to change something about you, just to please the world. Alessia Cara has an awesome voice.


So there you have it! I really hope you guys go listen to these songs and love them as much as I do.


Comment and tell me if you enjoyed this post. If you did, I’ll post new ones every month. Would you guys like a post on my favorite bands? Would that be cool? Would you read it? Talk to me! I would love to hear some of your opinions. Have any all time favorite songs that you want me to hear? PLEASE link them in the comments! Have an AMAZING day!!


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