The Hunger Games: Catching Fire – Book Review

Ah, The Hunger Games. Such a wonderful book series. WHO AM I KIDDING?! IT’S AMAZING. I CAN’T KEEP CALM. IT’S TOO MUCH. Sorry, I think I’ve gone a little crazy. Actually, I think little is an understatement. Anyway, you may have already read my book review on the first Hunger Games book. If you haven’t, you can find it HERE. Go read that before continuing to read this post. And while you’re at it, go read the entire Hunger Games series. YOU WON’T REGRET IT.


Now that you’re done with the other post (or maybe you have already read that post before I even told you to… if you have…YOU’RE AWESOME…THANKS). Let’s talk about the book, shall we?


So, let’s get one thing straight. I liked the first book the best. BUT, Catching Fire was a very close second (was that a pun? Get it? Because Catching Fire is the second book…oh, never mind). I think I was just awed at the plot in the first book. The second book was…what’s the word…shocking. (SPOILERS ARE RIGHT BELOW THIS NEXT GIF. IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THE BOOK YET, DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER!!!!!!!)


Katniss finds out she’s going into the arena again! I didn’t see that coming (though I probably should have). I think the first book focused more on the time in the arena. It feels like Catching Fire had a slow start (not as slow as Mockingjay though, but that discussion is for another post). They didn’t get into the games as fast. And, the arena was just plain confusing before she figured out it was a clock. Although it was very smart of Suzanne Collins to create that arena. I bet a lot of thought was put into that arena.


Romance is pretty much the same in this book. Except for one thing…. Peeta announces during this interview that Katniss is pregnant with their child (WHAT?!). This comes as a shock to Katniss since she is, in fact, NOT AT ALL PREGNANT. We hear after that Peeta was trying to get the Game Makers to cancel the games. If their most beloved star is pregnant, then they would surly take her out of them games. But, Peeta had no such luck. Katniss still participated in the games. There is a few kissing scenes, but they aren’t bad.


So let’s talk about the violence. It was about the same, maybe even a little less, than the last book. Maybe not as bad as book 1 because Katniss teamed up with some other tributes. So, since she is on a team, and not alone, there aren’t as many deaths for her to describe. As I said before (in the other post) the concept is violent…obviously. Other than that, I think it’s fine.


As for bad language… I am really surprised (in a good way). Throughout the ENTIRE book series, there is not a single bad word. NONE. I mean, so many books these days have bad language (not to point fingers, but *cough* Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children *cough*). So many authors feel the need to include bad language. I mean, seriously. It’s gotten ridiculous. Anyway, I admire Suzanne Collins for not putting bad language in the books. And the movies don’t have any either. Speaking of the movies….

hunger games.gif

If you read my other review, you know that I hated the first Hunger Games movie. So I assumed I wouldn’t care for the others either. WELL FOLKS, I WAS WRONG. Man, this movie was really good. Like, REALLY good. Due to the fact that it had a different director (for which I am forever thankful), and a higher budget (that always helps), it turned out a lot better than the first movie. I thought the casting was great. The action shots were amazing, and there was no annoying “shaky cam”. If you read my other post, you’ll know that the main reason I disliked the 1st movie so much was because it had way too much shaky cam (I’m the grand-daughter of a Key Grip).

Here are my overall thoughts on the book: It was really good, but still not as great as the first. I mean, that first book is hard to beat. But, Catching Fire was still AMAZING. I love this book series so much. I literally can’t find the words to describe how much I love it (well, I kind of just wrote a whole post made up of words to describe how much I love it). Anyway, I HIGHLY recommend this series to anyone looking for a good book to read or to give to a friend. I’ll go ahead and give this book 5 (out of 5) stars!!


THANKS FOR READING. Go ahead and click that little LIKE button down there. See it? Good. Now, click it! Great job! Go ahead and comment your thoughts! Do you like the Hunger Games? Who is your favorite character? I would love to talk about it with you!



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