The Hunger Games Book 1- Book Review

*SPOILER ALERT* IF YOU HAVEN’T READ/WATCHED THIS SERIES, STOP READING. There may or may not be a few spoilers in this post. There are only a few spoilers, but one is a pretty big one. So, take my advice and stop reading this instant if you haven’t read the first Hunger Games novel. But, before you leave, like this post. Why? You may ask. I didn’t even read it. Well, because I had the generosity of telling you to stop reading before you hit a spoiler, it’s kind of like you saying THANK YOU, HARLEY. Or you could follow my blog. Either one. Or you could do BOTH. That’s a wonderful idea.


I have officially found a new favorite book! THE HUNGER GAMES! So, for a while people were telling me that I shouldn’t read it because it was “too violent” and “has too much romance” and I wouldn’t like it.  Well, those people were very, very, wrong. Because… OH MY GOODNESS, I LOVE THIS BOOK. I just recently finished Mockingjay (the last book). But, this review is just focusing on the first book: The Hunger Games. I might end up doing two more book reviews featuring the other books. By the time you’re reading this, the other book reviews might already be up. But for right now, I’ll stick with the first (which is my favorite).

I’ve been going around asking my friends and random people on the street to read The Hunger Games. But, most of them say no. Of course, I ask why they are acting like idiots and shove the book in their hands. Well, maybe I’m not that harsh, but I can assure you that I’m pretty close. I mainly ask them why on earth they would turn down this wonderful piece of literature. And most of them answer with “It’s too violent.” And I stare at them blankly until I can recover myself and tell them that they’re wrong.


Seriously, lots of people claim that The Hunger Games is way too violent. Why? Well, I guess  that concept of the book can send shivers down your back. 24 kids, put in an arena, all with one goal: To kill each other. I mean, for writers and avid readers that like violence, that sounds absolutely amazing. But to some people, it sounds terrible. Honestly, it’s not as violent as I thought it was going to be. I mean, I was expecting really vivid descriptions of the killings. But, really, it’s not all that gruesome. Besides that, the book is totally fine. Well, there is a little romance…

Can we just talk about PEETA?! I mean, he’s the best book character ever! Well, maybe not ever, but he is amazing. Katniss and Peeta’s relationship is interesting. He’s loved her since before he can remember. She is only pretending to love him for the cameras. But, gradually, she begins to truly fall in love with him. And if you don’t think that’s beautiful there is something obviously wrong with you. Other than the kissing scenes, I think it’s okay. I wouldn’t recommend this book for 12 and under.  Just because of violence, obviously, and the romance. There is no bad language, which is a plus. (and this next GIF is the best part of the whole entire book/movie, so I had to include it in this post)


Lets talk about Suzanne Collins writing style. One word: amazing. I seem to use that word a little too much, but its the word I go to when I want to describe something between good and ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL. I guess “awesome” would also work, but “amazing” just feels like a beautiful word. Like, “amazing” would be used in a poem. And the word “awesome” would be used when talking like a gangster. But I guess I use the word awesome a lot when I’m talking. Does that make me a gangster? I don’t know. Am I crazy? Yeah, I’m pretty sure I am.


Anyway, as I said before… lets talk about Suzanne Collins writing style! I got a little sidetracked earlier. I think Collins does a good job of bringing the story to life. She must have plotted and plotted and plotted. I’m a writer, and I literally had no clue how she was going to get both Katniss and Peeta out of the arena alive. Somehow, she managed it. She probably thought a lot about how she would do that. I mean, she couldn’t have just started the book with Peeta loving her and then BAM! HE’S DEAD. Well, she could have had him die… but she would have had some VERY angry fangirls to deal with. But instead of dealing with our wrath, she decided to plan. Before she could even start putting words down on paper she had to work it out in her head. At least, I’m guessing. She could just be an awesome person and she just figured it out just like that *snaps fingers*.  I admire her for how well the book was thought out.

So, this isn’t technically a movie review, but I thought I’d just tell you a little bit of what I thought about the movie. Like all book based movies… you have an expectation of the movie being AWESOME… and then it turns out terrible. I guess that’s because a lot of people tell you that they loved the movie, and then you find out that they haven’t even read the book! They did an okay job with the first Hunger Games movie. I hate shaky camera, which they used a lot in the beginning of the movie. I haven’t watched the other three movies, but I’ve heard there was a different director and a bigger budget for those ones. Hopefully then turn out better than the first. (I just had to include this next GIF because it’s wonderful)


This blog post is getting to be a little long, so lets wrap this up: I loved it. The writing style was amazing. The characters were great. Besides the violence, I thought it was pretty much appropriate. And the romance… but other than that it was fine. The story line was wonderful. Overall, I GIVE THIS BOOK 5 (out of 5) STARS!!


Tell me what you think down in the comments below. Thanks for reading!!! *does the Rue whistle* (if you don’t know what the Rue whistle is, you just have to go read the books and find out)



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  1. Great post!!! Look forward to reading the next two reviews (first I have to read the books though). But I have to disagree with something: yes Peeta is cool, but I ship Katniss and Gale. *runs away before you do anything*


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