NaNoWriMo and 1st Book Update

I know this is pretty late, and it’s almost January, but… Happy December everyone! Who is super excited that NaNoWriMo is finally over? *raises hand* And that Christmas is only 3 days away? *keeps hand raised*

When I started, I had no idea how many words I would write. I’ve seen so many people getting 70,000 words, or some other ridiculous number. But not me! I stayed right on target. This being my first year, I shot for 50,000. But novels don’t seem to wrap up nicely on an even number word count. So, can you guess how many words I wrote?


BOOM! Maybe not as impressive as 70k, but this is my first year. I’m surprised I managed to finish to be honest. And of course I have to keep in mind that long books are not necessarily good books.

Y’all are probably dying to read my book (Calm down, people. Amazon can only ship so many). I’m just kidding. I know about five people excited to read my book (including my parents). As soon as I get it back from the editor, I’m going to publish it (probably using Amazon). I’ll let you all know when it’s published. Then you guys can go run over and get your copy.


To be honest, NaNoWriMo was a lot harder than I anticipated. I did some research on NaNo in October, to see if I would be capable of doing it. Of course, everyone posted about how fine and dandy it is, so I thought I could do this. Easy. No. Not easy. Go check out my blog post on The Truth About NaNoWriMo to find out a little more on the subject.

I just barely got through November. 1,600 words a day may be easy for some. But, not to this teen in 8th grade. I mean, I had to do school and writing. Not to mention taking care of my mom when she had her surgery. I limited my human interaction time.

As of right now, I’m working on editing my book. All of those pages…


I spoke to an editor a few weeks ago. I sent her the first chapter of my book, and she edited it for me. Just to see if I liked her editing style. She is awesome! I love her style and her price is actually not bad. I’ll be sending my whole book to her in January. Her name is Zoe Markham. Here is her website and here is her Twitter page. Make sure you go check her out. If you’re looking for an editor, I would definitely recommend her. A few friends have used her as their editor and all say she is amazing, so take our word for it.


Comment down below what you thought of this blog post! Did you do NaNoWriMo? How did it go? Are you thinking of doing NaNo, but have no idea if you could handle it? Maybe I can help! I will be doing another post to let all you guys know when my book is published. And I’ll be giving updates on Twitter. Thanks for reading!


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