Captain America: Civil War Movie Review

I know, I know. I should’ve seen it when it first came out. But, I didn’t, and now I realize my mistake. Captain America: Civil War just came out on VidAngel. For those of you not familiar with VidAngel, it’s an amazing service that pretty much just mutes out the bad words in movies (check out my VidAngel Service Review here). Anyway, back to Civil War.

One word: AMAZING! I loved it! I’ve loved every Marvel movie I’ve seen, so far, especially Captain America ones. Now that I think about it though, I didn’t care for the Iron Man movies. But, I hate Iron Man, so I might not be the best judge.

A word for parents (kids, you can read this too, just the parents might find it more interesting): I watched this movie on VidAngel, which is a great service you need to check out, if you haven’t already. When you change the settings for Captain America: Civil War on VidAngel, it tells you how much bad stuff there is in it. There are 29 uses of bad words. I thought that number would be higher, based on other reviews, but apparently not. There is one sexual reference. Blasphemy is used 13 times. Using God’s name in vain was done 11 times, and Jesus was used twice. There is one kissing scene, but it’s not bad. The number for violence, blood, and gore was way too high to count (just kidding, it’s actually seen 162 times).

I’ve never seen the old Spider-Man movies. I heard they are pretty bad. But, Spider-Man was AWESOME in Civil War. Even though he wasn’t on team Cap, he was still pretty amazing. He was very sarcastic, and I love that. The actor who played him, Tom Holland, played that part perfectly. I cannot wait for Spider-Man: Homecoming to come out. It comes out on July 7, 2017.

I was a little disappointed that Spider-Man and Ant-Man weren’t included very much in the movie. They brought them in for the one big battle scene, and then you never hear from them again. A little disappointing, but we get a whole Spider-Man movie next year, so I guess I can wait till then.

Bucky was truly amazing. I never was a huge fan in the first two Captain America movies, but now he is one of my favorite characters. Sebastian Stan is a great actor and he can make you feel the pain of his character.

Captain America will always be my absolute favorite. I’ve loved his character from the beginning. It also helps that he is played by one of my favorite actors, Chris Evans. The reason I like Captain America, is that he doesn’t use bad words as much as the others. He is also a great actor. I sometimes accidently call him “Steve Rogers” instead of Chris Evans.

Overall, this movie was just as good as I’d hoped. I’m so glad I watched it. I’m giving it 4 ½ stars. Although, I’ll give the poster above 5 stars because it’s AWESOME! Comment if your on Team Iron Man or team Captain America! (I’m team Cap, if you haven’t noticed).

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