VidAngel Service Review

What is VidAngel? It’s awesome. I know that’s probably not the answer you were hoping for, but it’s true. Fine, I’ll tell you what VidAngel is, since you asked so nicely. VidAngel is an amazing service that makes movies appropriate. I should probably explain further. What you do is you download VidAngel, obviously. Next, you pick a movie. After that you can change the filter settings for that specific movie. You can check off curse words and inappropriate scenes. Then you play the movie and enjoy your curse word and bad scene free movie!

What will it look like?

When you take out inappropriate scenes it will just skip over that scene. It doesn’t make you stare at a black screen for a few minutes.

Do I get to pick which curse words I want to take out?

Yes. Some are real curse words, others are not too bad. I was looking at a movie and one of the curse words was “freaky”. In my house we don’t consider “freaky” a bad word, but some people might. I don’t know.

What happens when you take out a curse word?

It just cuts out sound for a second. You still see their mouth move, but you can never really make out the word.

Will it still make sense if I’m taking out words?

Sometimes. It depends on how they are using the word. If they are just saying the word with nothing else, then you’re fine. But if they are using it in a sentence it gets kind of hard to follow what their saying. It’s not too bad though.

How much does it cost?

It is free to download. But you have to pay for each movie. It cost $2 per day (for each day you keep it) for HD, and $1 per day for SD. Let me explain what I mean by “for each day you keep it”. In order for VidAngel to provide this service, they have to sell you the movie first (for $20). They will then buy the movie back a day later (for $18 or $19 depending on whether you choose HD or SD).

VidAngel is great for families with young children. I totally recommend it. I hope this review helps people discover this amazing service. Thanks for reading!


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