The Percy Jackson Book Series Review


I am so excited to write about Percy Jackson! It’s an amazing book series. Harry Potter will always be my favorite, but Percy Jackson is a pretty close second.

My favorite thing about the series is how sarcastic the author writes. Rick Riordan is probably the sassiest and the most sarcastic author I’ve ever read. And believe me, I love sarcasm. If you are more into romance and Princes falling in love with Princesses, the Percy Jackson series is not the series for you. But the books aren’t bloody and I never really felt scared. I mean, yes, it does have battles where characters die. I know, that can be scary for fangirls. If you aren’t a fangirl, then you’re probably fine. If you just sit there and read the book without crying a little (or a lot), then you’re definitely NOT a fangirl.

When I saw the Percy Jackson series on a shelf at my favorite store, Barnes and Noble, I had to get them. I took a Greek mythology class in 5th grade and I still remember a lot from it. I’m actually kind of surprised I remember so much. That came in handy when reading the books. If you don’t know a lot about Greek myths, then you will probably be looking up a few things throughout the series. But Riordan does a great job of explaining things, so you should be fine. I’ve always been intrigued by Greek myths. It’s fun reading about what people used to believe. Though sometimes, the stories can get kind of boring in regular old Greek myths. But Percy Jackson brings a new twist. The story is set in our modern world, in America! If you live somewhere else, then it might be tough if you haven’t visited us before. But reading about Greek stuff set in America… craziness!

Have you ever been to the Empire State Building? Well, if you have, I’m pretty sure you haven’t been to the 600th floor. Rick Riordan did a great job making everything make sense. Having the Greek gods go wherever there was the most Greek influence is pure genius. His descriptions are the best. I have to put his description of Ares in here. I think it’s awesome.

“I was trying to think up a sob story for the waitress when a rumble shook the whole building; a motorcycle the size of a baby elephant had pulled up to the curb. All conversation in the diner stopped. The motorcycle’s headlight glared red. Its gas tank had flames painted on it, and a shotgun holster riveted to either side, complete with shotguns. The seat was leather – but leather that looked like . . . well, Caucasian human skin. The guy on the bike would’ve made pro wrestlers run for Mama. He was dressed in a red muscle shirt and black jeans and a black leather duster, with a hunting knife strapped to his thigh. He wore red wraparound shades, and he had the cruelest, most brutal face I’d ever seen – handsome, I guess, but wicked – with an oily black crew cut and cheeks that were scarred from many, many fights. The weird thing was, I felt like I had seen his face somewhere before.”

I know that was pretty long, but I felt like I had to put it in. I hope for those of you who haven’t read the books, that made you want to read them.

There is a bit of romance in the books. Near the end of the fourth there is a kissing scene *collective gasp* between two of my favorite characters. I don’t want to put spoilers, but I pretty much told you who they are. At the beginning of book five there is another kissing scene between one of my favorite characters and *awkward pause* one of my least favorite characters. My least favorite could be one of your favorites. Some of my friends love her, but some don’t. It really depends. The ending of book five is amazing! It does involve a kissing scene between two characters that should have been together the whole series.

I must warn you: DON’T WATCH THE MOVIES BEFORE READING THE BOOKS!! The movies are a disgrace and should be banned from the planet. When you watch the movies first it makes you think Percy Jackson is lame, that Percy and his friends are 16 (not 12, like they should be), and that Annabeth has brown hair. Thankfully, there are only two Percy Jackson movies and they announced they will not be making more.

I hope you enjoyed this book review! If you haven’t read the books, I hope you now want to read them. And if you have read them, I hope you now want to go share this book review so others know to read Percy Jackson!


6 thoughts on “The Percy Jackson Book Series Review

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  1. Yes!!!! the movies were the worst! especially the fact that Percy was super serious, and Anabeth was, frankly, not that smart. (Luke was literally the only character they portrayed right) XD. Anyway I loved the book review, And I agree with you, the sarcasm is what made the books so great! although, I actually liked the character who was one of your least favorites (or She who must not be named) But than again that’s just me.

    Anyway, great job with the review!

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  2. For some reason I’ve been staying away from Percy Jackson for forever, but now that I read this, I think I’m going to give it a try.

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