The Hemingway Editor

Have you ever heard of Ernest Hemingway? If you call yourself a reader, you should know his work. If you’re a writer, you might recognize his name if you’ve used the Hemingway Editor. The Hemingway Editor is a great site for writers. Even if you aren’t a writer, it is awesome to write school papers on. The Hemingway Editor is, simply put, an editor. It shows you if a sentence is hard to read. It tells you if there is a simpler alternative to a phrase. It highlights if you have an adverb you need to remove, and shows what grade level you are writing at. For example, I’m currently writing grade five material. That means that a 5th grader could read this and understand perfectly. It also shows you how many paragraphs, sentences, words, characters, and letters there are in your paper. Another great thing about the Hemingway Editor is that it shows you the time it takes to read your paper. Right now, it should have taken you 33 seconds to read this. Pretty cool, right? I don’t know if that’s cool to other people. I get excited about pretty small things.

Something I would suggest before using the Hemingway Editor, it does NOT save your documents. So, write your paper on some other program. Maybe Google Docs or Quip. Then copy and paste into the Hemingway Editor and check for highlighted sentences. I made the mistake of writing in the Hemingway Editor once, then accidently deleted it. I never got that paper back.

I haven’t seen anything like the Hemingway Editor for free. That is one nice thing about the Hemingway Editor. It is COMPLETELY free. I guess I just like things that are free because I have absolutely no money to spend. Even if an app costs 99 cents, it’s out of the question. I mean, seriously, 99 cents for an app. It’s outrageous for someone who has a bank account with absolutely no money in it. Anyway, you probably came here to read about the Hemingway Editor, not about how I’m completely broke. The Hemingway Editor makes editing super simple. Unlike some websites where you have to sign in, pay 20 bucks, then finally start writing. The Hemingway Editor just has one page. You literally just start typing. No sign in, no paying, no confusion.

I showed the Hemingway Editor to some of my other blogging friends. They acted like this was the best things since, I don’t know, something fantastic. They started using it and they love it! I would totally recommend it for any writer. Whether you enjoy writing or not, I’m sure the Hemingway Editor will make it a whole lot easier.


When you first go onto The Hemingway Editor, it will give you an example text. To show you what that looks like, I have the image posted above.

I hope this review helps! I really want to get the word about The Hemingway Editor out there. It has helped me a ton, and I would love to spread the word so writers like me can use it too.




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